R&D Policy


Technical Division

Technical Division is a division in charge of technical development of each business division and Technical Center does the R&D work across the departments, which has priority in quick response.

R&D Policy

Basic Policy in R&D

Our company’s R&D has a speedy development power which is responsive to the changes in the market environment and continues to promote quick and responsive product development to meet customer demands.

Research Policy

  • 1. Developing products which have high originality and can differentiate from competitors’
  • 2. Developing products in collaboration with sales divisions
  • 3. Developing products which have high cost competitiveness and environmental superiority
  • 4. Pursuing stable quality and gain customer satisfaction and trust


R&D content

Chemical & Engineering Technical Department

This department develops Maintenance chemicals for car, railroad vehicle, aircraft, ship, etc., Fine chemicals for FPD (Flat Panel Display), semiconductor and solar panel production processes, and Special treatment chemicals, etc. In production process of FPD which is becoming larger and finer, and of electronic components, etc. which is becoming more improved, technical innovation is always demanded and the chemical development for that purpose is inevitable. Based on our many years of knowledge and experience on the surfactant chemical technology, we will meet our customer needs with our nano level performance control.

Machine & Plant Engineering Department

This department does Machine & Plant equipment development and technical services for such equipment. It designs and develops Car interior part production equipment and partial drying (precure) equipment for Car structural adhesive and Steel related equipment (Kolene equipment). It also provides technical suppport for overseas chemical factory construction.

Production Engineering Department

This department does Production Engineering development of car and airconditioner parts (equipment designing by CAD, production and shifting of production engineering for our factories inside and outside the country, etc.), and Planning and Progress Management of productivity improvement for our production locations inside and outside the country. Also, it does quality level improvement and quality assurance activities for our Group Companies inside and outside the country.

Technical Administration Department

This department does administration work of raw materials and technical data of our products, prepares SDS documents, etc. on our products, checks the trend of applicable laws and regulations, promotes Safety and Health Administration System of Technical Center, and does operation and maintenance of various equipment such as testing machine.

Development Examples

Flat Panel Display glass substrate cleaner Parkem LCG series
Developer for Al and Cu Parkem DEX series
Remover for Al and Cu Parkem SFR series
Railroad Car Outer Panel Cleaner Parkem SCC series