Acoustic Materials Business


Acoustic Materials Division

Soundproof materials for automobiles and air conditioners

Acoustic Materials Division is manufacturing and selling soundproof materials to be installed on the inside and outside of automobiles and soundproof and insulation materials for air conditioners. The products contribute to the lighter weight performance and quietness for our customers.

For the globalization of manufacturing and supply, at present, we have manufacturing locations in Thailand, China, Czech, India and Mexico.

To meet the needs of our customers

We start getting involved in the planning, developing and designing work on the new models. Also we join it at the pre-development stage. In order to meet the required acoustic performance, we make optimal proposals considering material performance, characteristic, assemblability, cost performance, etc.

In order to improve customer satisfaction in the ever-changing market needs, we are continuously and strongly promoting technological innovation and globalization.

Our core products

Soundproof materials for automobiles

  • Soundproof parts for engine room/ transmission
  • Soundproof parts for car interior (inside car cabin)
  • Soundproof parts for car exterior (outside car cabin)

Soundproof materials for air conditioners

  • Soundproof parts for air conditioner outdoor unit
  • Filters for air conditioner (rough, medium and high efficiency)
  • Humidifying units for large air conditioners