Chemical Business


Chemical Division

Chemical Division provides industrial chemical products and the total production system of such chemicals in order to support the metal working of the production processes for car, car parts, electric appliance, heavy equipment, steel, special steel, construction, transportation, machine tool, hydraulic, and agricultural machinery.

Concerning industrial chemicals, we signed the technical collaboration agreement with Magnus Chemical Inc., an American company in 1955 and introduced “Magnus” brand products to Japan. Since 1969, we have developed our original brand products called “Parkem” and have provided them to various markets.

Industrial Chemicals of our own development which are rich in variation to be used for 

  • Car, Machinery, and Machining parts ≪ Cleaners & Rust inhibitors, etc.≫
  • Paints and Paint jigs ≪ Paint removers, etc.≫
  • Paint booth ≪ Paint chelating agents & Flocculants, etc.≫
  • Steel material related chemicals ≪ KOLENE & CLEANOX, etc.≫
  • Parts barrel polishing  ≪ Compounds & Media, etc.≫

Equipment to support production lines

  • Cleaning equipment & Automatic chemical volume control system ≪ Spray, Dipping, Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, Cleaning solution screening equipment, etc.≫
  • Paint remover tank manufacturing.
  • Paint sludge collecting equipment ≪ High speed collection and spin-dry equipment≫
  • Steel material related equipment ≪ KOLENE equipment, Electrostatic oil coating equipment, CLEANOX automatic density control system≫
  • Barrel polishing machine ≪ Vibration, Centrifugation, Rotation, Flow type barrel machine, etc.≫

Product development to meet customer needs

In order to meet various customer needs and problems, we have research staff at our technical center on a full-time basis to be able to propose the best solutions. They are developing chemical products and also doing co-development with our customers.

Sales locations

Chemical Div. East Japan Dept. 1 Chemical Div. West Japan Dept. 1
(Domestic) Head Office (Tokyo) Nagoya Branch (Nagoya)
Kita-kanto Office (Tochigi) Osaka Branch (Osaka)
Kimitsu Office (Chiba) Kyushu Branch (Fukuoka)
Sendai Office (Miyagi) Kudamatsu Office (Yamaguchi)
(Overseas) China (Shanghai)
Thailand (Bangkok)
Mexico (Aguascalientes)

Factory locations

(Domestic) Satte Factory (Saitama)
Kudamatsu Factory (Yamaguchi)
(Overseas) China (Shanghai), Thailand (Bangkok), Mexico (Aguascalientes)