Synthetic Materials Business


Synthetic Materials Division

Synthetic Material Division has expanded the business operation with the development of Japanese Car Industry.

At present, our company group’s products are being used in overall car production and contributing to the rationalization of car production system. Now something new is going to change the Car Industry.

In the solutions such as Globalization, Recycling, Low Emission, Fuel Cell, we are willing to respond to the customer needs.

Our core products

  • Sealants for cars
  • Rust-preventing agents
  • Undercoating agents
  • Adhesives
  • Adhesives for polyethylene-coated pipes
  • Buffer agents
  • Vibration damping materials
  • Steel plate rigidity reinforcement materials
  • Expandable rigidity materials
  • Expandable sound-absorbing materials
  • Tapes for industrial use
  • Window films
  • Cosmetic adhesion sheets for wall
  • Vulcanization adhesives

Enhancing the Global Supply System

Nowadays, Car Industry has been widely expanding production facilities to overseas in addition to domestic. In order to establish global supply system, we have built our production facilities in China, Thailand and India for Asia and Mexico for North and Central America to respond promptly to customer needs.

The products of our company group which are being used in various places

In order to supply the best products to meet the customer needs, we are developing the products which have advantageous characteristics from the developing stage of new cars.

Developing coating materials in which high-performance adhesive and nanomaterial are dispersed

Concerning adhesives, we develop and supply products including sealing and potting materials to meet the needs of Car, Electrical, and Electronics Industries. Concerning nanomaterials, we are working on developing dispersion materials including carbon nanotube which enable functional materials to maximize their performances.

Introducing Vulcanization Adhesives for bonding different materials

We are selling vulcanization adhesives called “CILBOND” to be used for vulcanized adhesion between rubber and metal, rubber and resin, etc. “CILBOND” from UK has solvent-based one component adhesives which can shorten the production process and low environmental load water-based adhesives as well as conventional solvent-based two component adhesives. We are selecting and proposing vulcanization adhesives which best fit different rubber materials.

Proposing glass making materials to the Glass Industry which are introduced from European glass advanced countries

Insulating Glasses have become more common for residential windows than before. We focused on the products in Europe which is advanced in window making and now we are importing and selling the materials for making insulating glasses for window from Germany which is the window advanced country. Process oil, detergent, etc. are also necessary to make glasses. We propose all kinds of materials for making glasses. We will continue to propose new materials to our customers by using our global network in the world Window Industry.

Our glass making products

  • Sealants for Insulating Glasses
  • Primary sealants (PIB)
  • Secondary sealants (Polysulfide, Polyurethane and Silicone)
  • Thermoplastic spacer for warm edge
  • Glass cutting oils
  • Glass detergents
  • Glass interleavant powders
  • Glass grinding coolants