Chemical & Engineering Business


Chemical & Engineering Division

Chemical & Engineering Division develops, produces, and sells fine chemicals for high-tech industries such as electronics and printing, and aftermarket special chemicals for car, railroad, and aircraft. It also develops, designs, produces prototype and mass production, and sells industrial machines.

Original self-developed products

Chemical & Engineering Division self-develops original chemical products and industrial products.

The specialized research and technical staff respond to the customer requests promptly and properly and there are many joint developments and joint patent applications with our customers.

The customers of our chemicals range from Flat Panel Display-related such as LCD, Organic EL, electronics-related, semiconductor-related, railroad-related, car aftermarket-related, to aircraft-related.
Our nationwide sales staff serve as the contacts to cope with various requests and do after-sales services.

The customers of our industrial machines range from car manufacturer, machine manufacturer, construction and building-related, cosmetics-related, to food-related. The users of our chemicals are also included in this.

Just like the customers of our chemicals, our nationwide sales staff cope with the customer requests and do after-sales services.

Complete organization and staff

This division’s domestic sales staff are located in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kyushu offices on a full-time basis and respond to the customer requests promptly.

Also, at our Technical Center which is in charge of development, there are various inspection and testing equipment and the staff are devoting all their time to research and development work.

Our factories are located in Japan as main and also in Taiwan and China for the global supplies and services.

By enhancing the synergy effect among the Group members, we will continue to ensure stable supply to the customers and to contribute to the improvement of quality and customer satisfaction.