Machinery Business


Machinery Division

Machinery Division is importing and selling machinery and equipment for automobile, food, shoemaking and other diverse industries inside and outside the country and also making prototypes, designing and manufacturing production equipment to respond to customer needs.

Promoting the sale of high-quality import products

Machinery Division has the distributor agreements with more than 30 companies abroad and sells industrial and testing machinery and equipment.

Many of the foreign manufacturers who signed the distributor agreements with our company are highly evaluated as the leading manufacturers in quality in each field.

There still exit many more niche and high-quality products abroad in each market.
Parker Corporation is always making our utmost effort in collecting the information of new products which fit the Japanese market.

We have various testing equipment in our technical center at all times in order to respond promptly to our customer test requests.

Everything starts with the customer

Machinery Division develops machinery and equipment incorporating overseas leading manufacturers’ abundant experiences and know-hows and provides such overseas application softwares in such a way that our customers can use them in Japan with no problem.

Also, we are prepared to respond promptly to the customer needs by adding accessory parts, etc. to meet the specifications or by making simple modifications in case the import products do not fit the domestic customer requirements.

We are also considering to provide our engineering services from the early stage of designing to the after-sale stage of maintenance support after delivery in introducing large equipment,. from the viewpoint of long-term relationship with our customers.